Youth Eblast February 22, 2013




 Hillyer Youth Eblast Feb. 22, 2013

Romans 8:38-39


Hi Hillyer Youth and Parents!

I hope you had a God-filled week.   This email has lots of great details about what is going on this week AND great ways to connect to God and serve others!

God bless you,


Youth This Week


9:45: Sunday School

This week at GROW we will learn about Lent!  Come GROW with us!

4:15-6:00 PM: Hillyer Live.

If you have never tried Hillyer Live before…now is your chance!  Come join us as we praise and serve God through the arts.  Everyone is welcome!

     4:15-5:00 PM: Youth Bells (6th-12th grade)

     4:30-5:00 PM: Children’s Alleluia Choir (K-5th grade)

     5:00-5:30 PM: Theater (K-12th grade)

     5:30-6:00 PM: Youth Celebrate! Choir (6th-12th grade)

     5:30-6:00 PM: Children’s Hand Chimes (3rd-5th grade)

6:00-6:30: Snack Supper by the Jewell family!  Bring $3 for a great meal!

6:30-7:30: Youth Groups

There will be poster making, lint traps, games, laughter, and lots of God time!  Come join us!


6:00 PM: Youth Leadership Team meeting at Hillyer to plan for Youth Sunday

Coming Soon

  • March 1-3: Chi Rho Spring Retreat.         We will leave from church at 5 PM on Friday.  Going is Taryn Gillaspy, Lauren Crawford, Savannah Caulder, Ben Rasleigh, Sam
    Gray, Jenny Mobed, Amanda Jones, Katie Rose, and Allison Lanza
  • March 3: No Chi Rho Youth Group…only JYF and CYF
  • March 7th: Defy Gravity RSVP’s are due
    Join us for a lock in of pure fun at Defy Gravity on March 22nd.  This open to Chi Rho and CYF.  There will only be space for 60
    people.  You can invite up to 2 friends.  The cost is $15.  To RSVP fill out the form on the website.

Connect with God

One practice people have during Lent is prayer.  This week, find a time to go away somewhere…maybe a hidden corner of your room or your favorite space outside.  Then, spend some time listening for God!  Watch this video of when Jesus went away for a while to spend some time with God.   Read the story of Jesus going away to the desert in Matthew 4:1-11


Make a Difference

  • We will be making meals to feed the hungry with Stop Hunger Now with the church in June.  First we have to raise the money.  Each life-saving meal costs only a quarter!  Start collecting your quarters and bring them to church!

God’s love



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